Microwave signal monitoring systems

  • Anomalous propagation measurements
  • Radio path characterization
  • narrow and wide band interference measurements
  • interference alert systems
  • data validation and reduction
  • radio beacons and automatic receivers
  • spectrum monitoring with SDR techniques

Ground stations for micro-nano satellites

  • designed for use in research, education, universities
  • operating on amateur radio bands (144 MHz to 10 GHz) and S-band (2200-2300 MHz)
  • compatible with ESA GENSO network
  • fully automated and removable
  • scalable configuration data rates up to 1Mb/s in LEO, 500 kb/s in HEO
  • possibility of baseband channels for SDR modems
  • built-in spectrum monitoring system

Amplifiers for EMC

  • custom amplifiers and communication systems for EMC
  • automatic switching of amplifiers and feedback system
  • remote control and monitoring via optical fiber
  • fail-safe switching via software control

Measurement systems for radio links: visibility, interference measurement, RF field

  • measuring horn antennas for all bands up to 40 GHz
  • low noise preamplifiers from 1 to 40 GHz with power supply from the spectrum analyzer or stand-alone
  • low attenuation cables
  • software for measurement automation and data reduction
  • test transmitters for visibility measurements (LOS)
  • measuring sets for ROS and waveguide attenuation


  • High accuracy variable magnetic field generators for sensor calibration and verification in automotive field

Ultrasonic transducers

  • Driving and monitoring of sonotrodes especially for medical applications

Inductor measurement with DC

  • Measuring networks for inductors with other superimposed DC currents up to 200A

Magnetic materials analysis

  • Magnetism measurements on workpieces for checking the uniformity of magnetization

Injection network

RF preamplifiers and AC/DC amplifiers

Radiolocation systems

Resistive boxes

LPF filters for EMI

Transient limiters

Calibration coils