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What are cookies
This site, like most professional sites, uses cookies, which are small files downloaded to your computer navigator to improve the user experience. This page describes what information kept, how they are used and why sometimes you need to use these cookies. It also tells you how to prevent these cookies they are stored though this may result in loss of functionality or prevent the operation of certain elements of the site. For other informations on cookies, you can see this article on Wikipedia's cookies (English language).

How we use cookies
We use cookies to many ways. Unfortunately in many cases there are technical standard for disabled cookies without simultaneously disable the features that implement websites. We recommend leaving cookies enabled if you are not sure do not need it in the event are used for services you use.

Disable cookies
You can prevent that cookies are memorize and change settings of your browser (verify in the help section of your browser for other informations). We warn you that disable cookies may effect on functionality of this or other website. Normally disabled cookies has the effect of disabling or malfunction of many function of this site. We recommend not disable cookies.

What we use cookies (PHPSESSID)
If you creates an account on this sites, we may create cookies to manage the proccess of registration. Normally, this cookies, are delete when you logout or when you close browser, but on many cases this cookies are register to memorize some options of view site. Moreover, we use cookies when the user is connected to site to memorize the login. This saves the user from having to log in every page you visit. These cookies are normally removed to logout or close your browser.

Third part cookies
In the particular cases, we use cookies of third part. In this section we say you the cookies of thrid part.

This site use Google Analytics (__utmt, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz) that is one of the most common sistem on the web to afford us to understand how the site is used and how to improve the user experience. these cookie may draw, for example, how long the program presents pages of the site and which pages are views. For other informations on Google Analytics cookies click here.

Other informations
We hope that this document will have clarified the doubts about the management of cookies on this site, allow you to see if you need to keep them active, since it is generally better that way to succeed utilizzarne fully to all features