Vector Network Analyzer, 9 kHz~4.5 GHz, 4 ports?freq. resolution 1 Hz, IFBW 10 Hz~3 MHz, dynamic range 125 dB, output level range -55 dBm ~ +10 dBm, display 12.1'' Touch Screen.

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Frequency range: 9 kHz ~ 4.5 GHz
Ports: 4
Frequency resolution: 1 Hz

Level resolution: 0.05 dB
Range of IFBW: 10 Hz ~ 3 MHz
Setting range of output level: -55 dBm ~ +10 dBm

Dynamic range: 125 dB
Bias-Tees: standard
Interface: LAN, USB Device, USB Host(USB-GPIB)

Remote control: SCPI/Labview/IVI based on USB-TMC/VXI-11/Socket/Telnet/WebServer
Display: 12.1" touch screen
Video output: HDMI

Types of calibration: Response calibration, Enhanced Response calibration, Full-one port calibration, Full-two port calibration, Full-three port calibration, Full-four port calibration, TRL calibration

Types of measurement: Scattering-parameter measurement, differential-parameter measurement, receiver measurement, time-domain parameter analysis, limit test, ripple test, impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion,enhanced time-domain parameter analysis(TDR)

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