Portable VNA, 30 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz, 2 ports, 110 dB (typ.) dynamic range, -45 ~ +10 dBm output setting range, 8.4'' touch screen.

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Frequency range: 30 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz
Ports: 2
Frequency resolution: 1 Hz

Level resolution: 0.01 dB
Range of IFBW: 10 Hz ~ 3 MHz
Setting range of output level: -45 dBm ~ +10 dBm

Dynamic range: 110 dB(Typ.)
Support Bias-Tees and GPS

Types of calibration: Response calibration, Enhanced Response calibration, Full-one portcalibration, Full-two port calibration, TRL calibration

Interface: LAN, USB Device, USB Host(USB-GPIB)
Remote control: SCPI/ Labview/ IVI based on USB-TMC/ VXI-11/ Socket/ Telnet/ WebServer
Display: 8.4" touch screen

Datasheet: Download

User manualDownload

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