Digital multimeter TRMS, 1000 V, 10 A, 6.5-digit display LCD, USB and LAN interfaces.

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Real 6.5 digits readings resolution (2,200,000 counts)
True-RMS AC voltage and AC current measuring

DC Voltage: 200 mV to 1000 V
DC Current: 200 μA to 10 A

AC Voltage: True-RMS, 200 mV to 750 V
AC Current: True-RMS, 200 μA to 10 A

2/4-Wire Resistance: 200Ω to 100 MΩ
Capacitance: 2 nF to 100 mF

Continuity Test: range is fixed at 2 kΩ
Diode Test: adjustable range is 0 to 4 V

Frequency Measurement: 3 Hz to 1 MHz
Period Measurement: 1 μs to 333.33 ms

Temperature: Support for TC and RTD sensor
Max, Min, Average, Standard deviation, dBm/dB, Relative measurement ,Pass/Fail, Histogram, Trend chart, Bar meter, etc.

1Gb Nand flash size, Mass storage configuration files and data files
Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple
PC software: EasyDDM

Standard interface: USB Device, USB Host, LAN
USB & LAN remote interfaces support common SCPI command set