Programmable DC power supply, 0-120 V, 0-4.2 A. It is characterized by low output ripple and noise, with LCD display, full function keyboard and reliable rotary knob. Supporting the SCPI commands , equipped with serial interface, this product is well suited for your design and test requirements. RS232, GPIB or USB interface optional.
The indicated shipment price may vary according to the number of boxes.

Output ratings
- voltage: 0 to 120 V
- current: 0 to 4.2 A

Ripple and Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)
- voltage(root mean square value): < 15 mV
- voltage(peak-to-peak value): < 80 mVpp
- current: < 5 mA
- common mode current: 1.5 mA

Load regulation
- voltage: 10 mV
- current: 1 mA

Line regulation
- voltage: 10 mV
- current: 1 mA

- voltage: 0.02% + 4 mV
- current: 0.05% + 2 mA

Provides CV and CC operating modes, switching automatically
The output voltage and output current are continuously adjustable from 0 to the maximum rating values

The maximum rating current can be achieved at 10mV. Equipped with SENSE terminals to compensate for the line loss
High power factor, high efficiency, wide line voltage range as well as low output ripple and noise
Multi-group setting parameters storage and recall

SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) compatibility
Reliable input/output protections guarantee the effective operation in severe environment

Dimensions: 226 x 110 x 376 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg