Programmable DC Power Supply, 0-36 V, 0-3 A. It is easy to control from the front panel, or via the serial port by the computer. Up to 10 settings can be stored for later recall. The low noise, excellent regulation, and built-in voltmeter/ammeter make this reliable power supply well suited for the exact needs of design, education, test and manufacture.
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Voltage: single output from 0 to 36 V
Current: 3 A
Power(max): 108 W

Line regulation:
- Voltage: from 0 to 4 V ±(0.01% + 3 mV) / from 4 to 36 V ±(0.02% +10 mV)
- Current: ±(0.02% + 8 mA)

Load regulation:
- Voltage: ±(0.02% + 10 mV)
- Current: ±(0.02% + 10 mA)

LCD display with backlight
Number keypad and rotary knob
Constant voltage & constant current mode
Low output ripple & noise
Output on/off
Multifunction menu
Maximum output voltage/power limitation
High program resolution
Over temperature/over current/over power protection
10 parameters storage
Can be controlled by PC
Can be connected in series and parallel to expand output voltage and current

User's Manual: Download